Energy Solutions


Community Schemes

We offer community schemes the opportunity to benefit from cheaper, cleaner energy while boosting property value. Your estate starts saving from day one. There is no need to raise special levies to cover these costs - not only do we fund the upfront capital cost, but we will also monitor, insure and maintain the equipment at no additional cost to you.

Our community scheme solutions include:

Solar-only solutions for clients looking for energy savings
Solar and battery storage solutions for clients looking for energy security
Hot water solutions to further improve energy efficiencies and savings


Commercial and industrial properties

We empower business continuity while reducing your electricity bill from day one. We know you have enough to deal with, so we install, monitor, maintain, insure and operate the efficient energy system – saving you the hassle.

Clients have the opportunity to tailor solutions to suit their energy requirements.

Customisations include:

The contract period, starting tariff and escalations
The ability to rent out your roof, thereby increasing rental yield
The installation of solar carports
Co-investment opportunities in the ownership of the renewable energy assets (T's and C's apply)
Large-scale battery solutions


Lodges and agricultural properties

We offer a range of solar and off-grid solutions for lodges and agricultural clients seeking energy independence from the grid, or who do not have access to a stable supply of energy. Historically, many of our clients have relied on diesel generators to produce the energy they require to operate, resulting in excessive energy costs.

The benefits of our fully funded off-grid solutions include:

Zero upfront capital expenditure, ongoing maintenance and insurance costs all covered
Fixed or variable tariff escalation options
Cheaper, cleaner, consistent energy production
No regulatory or technology risk
The ability to upgrade as new technologies are developed
Generator integration to ensure backup energy source available, if needed


Property developments

Bright Light offers property developers value-add fully-funded packaged solutions which include:

Smart technology solutions such as visitor management, CCTV surveillance and FTTH solutions
Solar and battery storage solutions to provide solar energy and energy security to their developments and new owners
Hot water solutions
Electrical, cold and hot water metering for all the units